Host a Christian Science lecture

Hosting a lecture is an inspiring, healing experience for everyone involved. Below are tools, resources, and ideas for your branch church or society to consider as you prepare to host a lecture. To easily review all the speakers' lecture titles, visit Search lectures by title.

Don't miss reading "Emancipating the race—our collective purpose in Christian Science lectures" (August 2016 issue of The Christian Science Journal). 

If you have questions or need any assistance, please be in touch with the Board of Lectureship office at 617–450–3669 or

Meet the lecturers 

Online lecture application form


  • Please confirm that the lecturer of your choice is available to accept your invitation before submitting a lecture application form.
  • Submit one lecture application form for each lecture. 
  • Submitting a lecture application form confirms that your Executive Board agrees to sponsor a lecture(s) with the speaker. 
  • If you need to make corrections or updates after submitting your application, please contact us by email ( or phone (1-617-450-3669).
  • If you are unable to use the online lecture application form above, download an emailable application form below
  • Is your lecture application form going to arrive in time to be advertised in the Sentinel? Learn when your lecture ad is due and when it will appear in the Sentinel here.

  • Review the Church Manual By-Laws about lectures (pp. 93–96).
  • Review lecture planning details on this page.
  • Develop a plan to include your church members in the metaphysical support of your lecture activity. Consider keeping that support going all year long!
  • Work together as a church to know that the world is receptive to the Christ, Truth, and that a Christian Science lecture will bring healing to any situation.
  • Plan a metaphysical preparatory meeting for your members. You may invite the lecturer to participate in your meeting in person or by phone or video call.
  • Expect healing!
  • Plan a fruitage sharing meeting with the membership to take place after the lecture.
  • Identify the audience you’d like to reach with your lecture (general, classroom, youth, college organization, jails and prisons, Christian Science care facilities, health fairs, etc.).
  • Review the lecturers’ biographical information and lecture titles and prayerfully select a lecturer to contact. You can view a calendar of scheduled lectures for each lecturer on their profile page. We recommend you contact one lecturer at a time, beginning with your first choice. If he or she isn’t available, move to the next lecturer on your list.
  • With the lecturer, discuss your goals, possible type of event, location, date, fee, expenses, and so on. Stay in touch with your lecturer about any new developments, concerns, or needs that come up during planning. Find out what your lecturer will need: e.g., table/podium, flip chart, chairs, etc.
  • Secure a location for your event(s). Check out the facility and parking—is it open to the public on the day of your event?
  • Rent and test a wireless microphone before the day of the lecture if not provided by the venue. Buy extra microphone batteries.
  • If you have a CSO (Christian Science Organization) at a local college or university in your area, let them know about your lecture. CSO members may be able to promote your lecture on campus or schedule their own lecture when the lecturer is in town.
  • Determine whether to charge an admission fee.
  • Assign roles for day of lecture (depending on nature of event), such as the following:
    • Someone to open, set-up, and close the facility
    • Transportation for lecturer
    • Ushers and parking attendants
    • Child care
    • Literature table
    • Introducer
    • Someone to bring signed checks to pay lecturer (one check for fees; one check for travel expenses)
  • Decide if you would like to give away copies and/or subscriptions to the periodicals.
  • If you would like to provide a specific article from one of the periodicals, check the issue for details (typically on page 22 of the Sentinel and page 2 or 3 of the Journal). Usually, up to 100 reprints of any article are allowed without permission. All credits must be preserved. If you want to make more than 100 copies or need more information, email for permission.
  • Decide if you would like to distribute handouts about local resources: information about your church, Reading Room, and future lectures.
  • Determine if you would like promotional materials for resources provided by The Mother Church:, JSH-Online, The Christian Science Monitor, Daily Lift, etc.
  • Decide whether you would like to gather contact information from interested attendees, and create a sign-up list.
  • Create and implement a publicity and advertising plan for your lecture.
  • If you need assistance, contact our Lecture Communications Specialist, Tara Talbot at or 1–617–450–3428. If you're in the United Kingdom, contact Media Consultant Philippa Chatterley at 01564 730048 or If you're in Germany, contact Monika Jopp at 02151 96 66 81 or
  • If your branch is in the UK, please read this important information regarding advertising regulations.
  • Check to see if your lecturer has publicity materials for your lecture topic on their profile page. Be sure to get the lecturer’s approval for wording on any new fliers, invitations, press releases, media advisories, or public advertising you create for the lecture.
  • Contact your local newspaper to see if they are interested in a post-event press release, including details of the lecture.
  • Check out the facility and parking—is it still open?  Well marked? Do people know how to get from the parking area to your lecture?
  • Set up the room and supplies in an informal, welcoming way.
  • Test the wireless microphone well in advance of the lecture. Have extra batteries on hand.
  • Arrange for lecturer’s needs: e.g., table/podium for books, glass for water, flip chart, etc.
  • Usher people into the lecture in a way that makes all feel welcome.
  • Expect the healing to continue.
  • Consider following up with new visitors on your list:
    • Invite them to services, your Reading Room, and future lectures.
    • Make an appointment to talk later and get to know them.
  • Hold a fruitage sharing meeting with the membership.
  • Submit a post-event press release to your local newspaper with details of the lecture.

1–617–450–3669  (English and French only)

Email (other languages OK)

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Board of Lectureship, P06-10
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