Emergency relief

If disaster strikes a community, it is natural and loving to ask what can be done to support our neighbors—whether they are down the street or across the globe.

General Humanitarian Support

Support for general disaster relief is best directed to local and national organizations that specialize in such assistance.

Support for Individual Christian Scientists in the United States

Individual Christian Scientists affected by disasters in the United States and needing assistance, and those interested in financially supporting those individuals, are encouraged to contact The Principle Foundation at +1-816-561-5955 or www.principlefoundation.org.

Support for Branch Churches

The Mother Church has funds dedicated specifically for assisting branch churches and Christian Science societies around the world impacted by extraordinary events. Impacted branches are encouraged to contact The Mother Church at benevolence@csps.com to apply for assistance.

If you are interested in contributing to The Mother Church’s Relief Fund, which supports branch churches and societies affected by disasters, please contact philanthropy@csps.com. Please note that this Fund has a global scope to ensure that funds can be directed to where they are most needed.