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Dear Mother Church Members and Friends,

We trust you are fully aware that Annual Meeting 2020 will be ONLINE ONLY. There will not be a meeting in The Mother Church for individuals to attend. 

A loved hymn opens with the invitation, “Partners of a glorious hope, / Lift your hearts and voices up” (Charles Wesley, Christian Science Hymnal, No. 273).


We invite you to partner with us in this coming Annual Meeting by lifting your hearts and voices up by participating in an Annual Meeting Hymn Project!  Our goal is to capture the worldwide congregation—one video recording at a time—singing together, with hearts united.  The end result?  A “virtual” congregation singing Mary Baker Eddy’s beloved poem “Feed My Sheep,” Hymn No. 304, at this year’s Annual Meeting on June 8. 

Let’s get started today! All ages, languages, and musical abilities are welcome, so grab your computer or your phone and record yourself—or your whole family—singing along to our provided guide track and send it to us soon!  We will accept submissions through Sunday, May 10. 

Visit our special submission webpage, which will include all the details and instructions.

Click here to participate

Let our prayers and song embrace Our duty to God, to our Leader, and to mankind as we prepare to join online for Annual Meeting 2020! 

With gratitude and rejoicing! 

Laurie Q. Richardson, CSB
Clerk of The Mother Church

Join us online via live video webcast

Monday, June 8

1:00-3:00 p.m. EST

Annual Meeting of The Mother Church

Our duty to God, to our Leader, and to mankind

Dear Members and Friends,

We love hearing from so many of you in response to The Mother Church’s invitation to Annual Meeting on June 8, 2020. Consequent to the restrictions to travel and gatherings that we’re all experiencing this spring due to the pandemic, the decision has been made to conduct Annual Meeting 2020 online only. We’ll stay in close communication as more details fall into place, but you can also find updated information on

This year’s theme, Our duty to God, to our Leader, and to mankind, invites our attention as never before! We’re hearing of more devoted prayer and new views of church. There is more alertness to the aggressive and subtle ways in which fear and false systems of thought try to dominate mankind. This conscious contribution as spiritual thinkers is vital. It fosters progress and healing for all.

All are invited to listen to a special podcast with the Christian Science Board of Directors discussing the updates, our theme, and the forward progress of the Church during these times. This audio program is available starting today, April 4, 2020, at:
We look forward to being with you online in June! We’ll join together through prayer, both silent and audible, through music, through global Reports from the Field, and through the reports and insights shared by the Officers of The Mother Church. Although separated by time and space, we are connected in our at-one-ment with God—with infinite Mind, Love, Spirit.

Arms round you all as we continue to unite in dedicated, prayer-filled preparation for this year’s meeting and for our world,

Laurie Q. Richardson, CSB
Clerk of The Mother Church

Learn more about Annual Meeting 2020

Dear Members and Friends,

 It is a joy to invite you to Annual Meeting 2020 in Boston or online as part of our worldwide church family! Today we can join in specific preparation. With wisdom and care, Mary Baker Eddy expresses her love for us today in the By-Law, “Alertness to Duty” in the Manual of The Mother Church, Article VIII, Section 6. Your prayerful study and exploration of this By-Law prepares thought with a spiritual sensitivity and engagement to the ideas that will be shared.

Below you will find a message from the Christian Science Board of Directors and also an invitation video sharing some thoughts on the theme of the meeting.

Looking forward to our time together in June,

Laurie Q. Richardson, CSB
Clerk of The Mother Church

An invitation to the 2020 Annual Meeting of The First Church of Christ, Scientist

Theme: Our duty to God, to our Leader, and to mankind

I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart.

—Psalms 40:8

It shall be the duty of every member of this Church to defend himself daily against aggressive mental suggestion, and not be made to forget nor to neglect his duty to God, to his Leader, and to mankind.

Mary Baker Eddy
Manual of The Mother Church, Article VIII, Sect. 6

Dear Church family,

Last year, the Board of Directors received a letter from a longtime Church member expressing appreciation for The Mother Church. Especially touching in this particular note was that the gratitude this woman felt for being a member of The Mother Church was only surpassed by the very obvious joy she gained from serving and fulfilling what she saw as her own duty to church. By the time we gather for this year’s Annual Meeting on Monday, June 8, 2020, this dear woman will have completed 75 years of membership. She pointed out that she is still active in her branch church and still subscribes to the periodicals. She wrote, “All the good in my experience has been because of my study of the Bible and Science and Health.” And she concluded her letter with a line we can all relate to: “I am still learning every day.”

As truly grateful as we are for such examples of deep rootedness in our Church, we also have been so happy to note some areas of fresh new growth, just budding and blossoming. We think, for example, of a Summit for young professionals held at The Mother Church last year. We got to meet with so many individuals who were sharing how the words of Christian Science and what it means to contribute to Church were taking on a whole new vitality. Also, when the Board of Directors traveled to meet with members in Mexico and South America this past year, we were deeply encouraged to be with members who were measuring their church not by the size of its congregation but by the size of the love they were demonstrating within that congregation.

Undoubtedly, we all have our own story to tell about why we joined The Mother Church. Whether that story is one of experiencing the natural progression of attending Sunday School or church services and then feeling a hunger to be part of something that is bringing the healing message of scientific Christianity to the world. Or perhaps it is one of finding Christian Science through the life-example of a friend. Or reading Science and Health and experiencing significant healing. Our individual experiences add up to one common thread of seeing something of the joy that dedicating ourselves to the Cause of Christian Science can bring to our own lives and to the lives of others.

When each of us signed our application for membership, whether we did it this year or many years ago, we agreed to enter into “full fellowship with the Tenets and Rules of The First Church of Christ, Scientist” (Manual, p. 114). It’s pretty clear from those Tenets that Christian Science is not the sort of religion that allows us to sit around waiting for others to move it forward. We are all needed. That’s why Mrs. Eddy speaks of Christian Science as a movement, a Cause, a Science that requires proof, and as that which is actively reforming how Christians think about God.

As Christian Scientists, haven’t we all had those moments, in quiet study and prayer, when the actuality of God comes to light and the weight of the world just melts away? Don’t we rejoice when a healing makes us find new energy in realizing Mrs. Eddy’s discovery is much more than just a religious teaching? It is the discovery that frees humanity from the enslaving sense of being dominated by matter. And what hope this brings when our hearts begin to truly think about new ways to share this Comforter with those in our communities and our world through working together in church. That’s why we feel this year’s Annual Meeting is a wonderful opportunity to deepen our relationship with God, with our Leader, and with humanity.

Whether we’re just getting grounded in Christian Science, or perhaps struggling with a sense of doubt or routine after many years of membership, or devoting our full time to the public healing ministry of Christian Science, this is a good time to be exploring together the significance of our relationship to our Church. We also look forward to receiving and hearing reports from you about what you’re learning. We want to hear what’s real and what’s making a genuine difference in your lives as members. If you have a “report from the Field” to share, please be in touch with the Clerk of The Mother Church at or by calling
617-450-3481 or 800-288-7155.

See you in June!

With much gratitude for each of you,
The Christian Science Board of Directors
Rich Evans, Barbara Fife, Robin Hoagland, Scott Preller, Keith Wommack


Dear Members and Friends,

We are very pleased to announce that Laurie Q. Richardson, CSB, of Chesterfield, Missouri, will take up the responsibilities of Clerk of The Mother Church, effective January 13, 2020. The Christian Science Board of Directors has elected Laurie to the role of Clerk, as it fits the present need to focus full time on serving and supporting our worldwide membership.

Barbara Fife, CSB, who has served as Clerk with much devotion and grace since October 2018, while also serving this year as a member of the Board of Directors, will relinquish her role as Clerk and continue to serve on the Board, giving that work her full attention.

Christian Science healing has been central to Laurie’s life. She has served our movement in many ways: as an active branch member, through Christian Science nursing, and as a Christian Science practitioner and teacher. Laurie is a member of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Town and Country, Missouri, and will continue to teach class and hold association meetings in St. Louis.

“Serving Mary Baker Eddy’s Mother Church now,” says Laurie, “brings the privilege of embracing our worldwide membership as we unite to support the world— so yearning for mental, moral, and spiritual freedom.”

We thank Barbara and look forward to welcoming Laurie and her husband, Rich Allen, to Boston in January.

With love and gratitude for you all,
The Christian Science Board of Directors

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