How to advertise as a Christian Science nurse

The Christian Science Journal advertising requirements

Christian Science nurses may take an advertisement in The Christian Science Journal. The requirements for advertising are:

  • Membership in The Mother Church

  • Primary class instruction with an authorized teacher of Christian Science

  • A demonstrated practice of Christian Science in one’s own life, based on deep study of the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.

  • Thorough preparation in the skills necessary to care for patients with a wide range of Christian Science nursing needs, including care in bed, cleansing and bandaging, and special nourishment.

  • Substantial practical experience in caring for a variety of patients.

  • References from experienced Christian Science nurses who can attest to your Christian Science nursing work.

  • Demonstrated readiness and availability to respond to calls day or night in a variety of settings such as Christian Science nursing facilities, homes, camps, and schools.

  • An interview with the Christian Science Publishing Society regarding the standards for an advertiser.

Guidance for establishing a Christian Science nursing practice

Mary Baker Eddy’s writings give you the best guidance for your own prayers and study in establishing a Christian Science nursing practice. We encourage your particular consideration of the following:

  • Christian Science Nurse (Manual, Art. VIII, Sect. 31)

  • Confidentiality (Manual, Art. VIII, Sect. 22)

  • Quick and whole healing (Manual, Art. XXX, Sect. 7)

  • Alertness to Duty (Manual, Art. VIII, Sect. 6)

  • Choice of patients (Manual, Art. XXVII, Sect. 4)

  • Aids in sickness (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, pg. 395)

Advertising your services to the public, will require you to have

  • an understanding of the prayerful and practical aspects for accepting cases

  • experience in making decisions and providing care in a home environment

  • a confidential means by which a patient can request your assistance

  • professional charges and billing system

  • confidence in communicating with family/public, etc.

Of utmost importance is your receptivity to Truth and Love and your readiness to demonstrate the whole By-Law for the Christian Science nurse. “As Christian Scientists you seek to define God to your own consciousness by feeling and applying the nature and practical possibilities of divine Love: to gain the absolute and supreme certainty that Christianity is now what Christ Jesus taught and demonstrated — health, holiness, immortality.” (Mary Baker Eddy, Message for 1901, pg.1)

If you have questions about the application please contact

Submitting an application

If you'd like to submit an application to advertise in The Christian Science Journal as a Christian Science nurse, please complete one of the forms below.


Step 1: Open and save form to your computer.
Step 2: Complete form and save again.
Step 3: Submit as email attachment to [or print it out and return by mail].

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