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Mojisola Anjorin Solanke George, CSB  Play

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A member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship

Mojisola Anjorin Solanke George, CSB

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Sabo Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: +234 0805 1220 699
Email: m_asolanke@hotmail.com

For Moji, the greatest privilege is to learn about God and understand how Christ Jesus healed. This is what Christian Science gives. It also teaches how to experience Christ healing today, by adhering to the rules of God’s law which Mary Baker Eddy discovered, and painstakingly wrote in her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, in a bid to make this Christ-Science universally available. Moji is deeply grateful for Mrs. Eddy’s personal sacrifice.

Moji was born in Nigeria to devout Christian, academic parents, but her early childhood was spent in England. Growing up in a large, but tightly knit, loving family of five sisters and a brother, she completed her education in Nigeria, becoming a student of Christian Science while studying as an undergraduate.

Moji loves learning, however, she abandoned the idea of obtaining a PhD in Food Engineering, to raise a family. She spent several years working in various industries including broadcasting, banking, and computer training and administration, before making the commitment to advertise full time as a Christian Science practitioner in 2009, and thereafter, as a teacher of Christian Science.

Working as one of the Committees on Publication, she has written newspaper and magazine articles and hosted radio programmes on spirituality and health. Moji has also written for the church periodicals and was a host on The Herald of Christian Science, a shortwave radio programme from The Mother Church —The First Church of Christ, Scientist.

Lecturing on Christian Science enables her to share the fresh spiritual ideas she is learning with others. As a member of Second Church of Christ, Scientist, in Lagos, Moji has served as First Reader, Clerk, Sunday School teacher, Board member, President and Soloist.

Over the years, Moji has witnessed healings of myriad illnesses and injuries, as well as employment, financial, and relationship issues through the power of God as taught in Christian Science. Moji says that what she may give back in service to mankind pales in comparison to the unquantifiable good Christian Science teaches her.

In her work, Moji enjoys the staunch support of her beloved husband, and they have a very dear, grown son.

Titles of Available Lectures

The healing message of Christian Science today

How? That is the question we ask when we want to apply a principle, or rule, for ourselves. How do we solve a mathematical problem? How do we perform a piece of music?

How do we experience consistently sound health and reliable healing?

There is a principle or rule to healing—Christian healing—the way Christ Jesus healed. And just like the rule of mathematics or music, it is there for each of us to prove. That principle is practical, reliable, and available to each of us today, changing our lives for the better.

The message of Christian Science is that anyone can practice Christian healing. In my lecture, I shall discuss the how of Jesus’ healing ministry, as explained by Christian Science, and the way a better understanding of God and God’s goodness is part of this how. And I shall explain the way a change in perspective, a spiritualising of our perspective, transforms our thoughts—and our bodies and lives.

Also included will be concrete examples of spiritual healing from my own life, such as a healing of infection, a condition diagnosed as a serious illness, as well as a resolution of financial problems. And I shall explain how these healings happened, so that all may experience the power of this principle to bring healing to their lives.

Experience God’s healing perspective