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Mary Beattie, CSB

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Belconnen, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Phone: +61 0414 515 952
Email: marybeattiecs@gmail.com
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When ideas about God and identity were presented to Mary in the Christian Science Sunday School, they had immediate appeal. They prompted her to think more creatively — grades at school improved and led to opportunities for travel and a rewarding career in public education.

As a young adult, she talked with a Christian Science practitioner when circumstances had her up against a wall. “You’re ‘the compound idea of God, including all right ideas’,” he told her, quoting from Science and Health. She accepted this statement and has never stopped reminding herself of this divine fact, and seeing it to be true for everyone. At the time this right identification healed confusion and grief, and a joyous life was re-commenced.

Before taking up full time public practice in Christian Science, her teaching career included work in Malaysia and Australia. Through applying ideas she found in Science and Health, she saw the transformation of the “scholastic to the inspirational” in diverse contexts. As well as classroom experiences she also worked in curriculum design, teacher development, and school management. Through prayer, education was seen to do what Mary Baker Eddy said it could do, “… promote the growth of mortal mind out of itself, out of all that is mortal” (Science and Health 195:21).

Mary now strives to let the Master Christian, Christ Jesus, be the one Teacher. This Teacher leads out of mistaken concepts into spiritual liberty.

Titles of Available Lectures

The Comforter today

(developed from a former lecture: Scope and Depth of Thought)

Clearer views of anything become more apparent as we move away from whatever would block our outlook.  Narrow-minded opinions might block our view of divine realities, or health, or safety, or an intelligent understanding of God.  But the Comforter, the presence of Christ today, shows that we are already in the presence of God’s law of Love.  Jesus illustrated this law of Love in operation.  Mary Baker Eddy illustrated that following Jesus’ commands today still brings about healing.  And through the Comforter, the spirit of Truth today, the Biblical promise is being fulfilled that anyone might know God as Jesus taught and find healing.

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How far can lovingkindness take us?

Lovingkindness is increasingly felt as a common bond between those with faith in a supreme being and those without.  It prompts compassion to strangers, an offer to mow a neighbour’s lawn, an arrangement to take a colleague to the airport.  If lovingkindness were underpinned by Love as divine law, and this talk gives a compelling case that it is, then lovingkindness becomes a capacity that continues in times of stress. It can resolve conflict and even heal physical ailments.  
This talk explores the phenomenon that we progressively see: humanity becoming healthier, happier, and steadier the more we understand spiritual identity.  Through healing examples the case is put that infinite Love constitutes this enduring spiritual identity.

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