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John M. Tyler, CSB

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Phone: (412) 683-6145
Email: jmtyler1@verizon.net
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When John Tyler discovered Christian Science as a teenager, he wanted to shout the good news from the rooftops. He soon realized, however, it’s not words so much as selfless loving and healing, which attract people to this truth. In his full-time healing practice of over 30 years, he has seen God heal many supposedly incurable cases. He loves sharing his understanding of the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s works on Christian Science.

John started his professional life working briefly as a labor organizer to protect exploited sweatshop workers. As a social activist he was concerned with solving “all the world’s problems.”  He was involved in spiritual counseling of inmates in a state penitentiary. To help end the Cold War, he felt we must understand the underlying issues and build institutions to solidify a just society. He became research director of the Istituto Atlantico in Milan, Italy. Then, having earned degrees from schools on both sides of the Atlantic—at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Paris, and Princeton University, USA—he taught political science at Princeton and at the University of Pittsburgh. While teaching at the University of Pittsburgh, he founded a residence for students that seeks to heal racial divisions in America. For his involvement in this project he received the YWCA’s Racial Justice Award.

Before committing himself to full-time healing work as a Christian Science practitioner, John began to see that it was more important to understand and work within God’s government of the universe, rather than in man’s attempts to govern. This led him to a full-time profession of spiritual healing as a Christian Science practitioner.  Despite his love of teaching, he discovered there is nothing as fulfilling as healing through scientific prayer.

John’s talks are designed to show how natural it is to change our vision of ourselves so we all can become spiritual healers. Far from needing a special healing talent, he is convinced that the whole purpose of Christ Jesus’ career was to show every one of us how to understand God and our unity with Him in such a way that we can demonstrate this in every aspect of our lives. His talks are, therefore, sprinkled with examples of how we can heal naturally.

John has spoken to audiences in every imaginable venue, from prisons to secret meeting places behind the [then] Iron Curtain. He has given talks in six languages on five continents.

Titles of Available Lectures

Can we break the chains of materialism?

What if the world we see and feel around us were an illusion?  We live in a world where advertising creates desires for material things. But materialism goes deeper.  Can we free ourselves not only from the hypnotism of advertising, but from all dependence on a matter world?  These are some of the enormous questions raised in this lecture.
Where possible this lecture uses scenes (very short clips) from the film “Matrix”.  These scenes illustrate in a few brief moments concepts otherwise difficult to communicate even in a much longer time period.  They bring home the idea that our concept of matter is one we are programmed to accept as true. 
To show these scenes one needs a room which can be partially darkened, and a surface (white wall or screen) on which to project, or a large TV screen.
The scenes are brief, and, though the film is an action thriller, are all nonviolent.
The lecture is designed for audiences of all ages.  The use of Matrix scenes usually raises the interest of a younger age group, but the message is simple, profound, and designed for all: we can prove that matter — all material limitation — is a falsely learned way of thinking that can be overcome.   
I describe how Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy have shown us how we can free ourselves from the “programmed” influences of our culture and materialistic thinking.  I do this through illustrations in my own experience and through illustrations of radical changes in the lives of others.  These healings illustrate a path to freedom from physical and mental bondage.

Conflict resolution: a spiritual approach

This lecture examines several specific conflicts from marital to nation-building.  It identifies some practical ways of resolving them.  It explores two of these — forgiveness and learning to love — and shows how they lead to healing national conflicts and even physical bodies.

Discover your spiritual identity

Do we have a spiritual origin?  If so, can we discover what it is?  What about our family origin?  This lecture shows us a fresh, completely different approach to finding the answer to the questions “Who am I”; “What is my real identity?”

It further shows how, by understanding more in detail our spiritual origin, we can be free of all kinds of limitation, even to the point of physical healing.  It shows how this kind of self-knowledge can be used in the workplace, in sports, wherever we are.

Christian Science: a spiritual revolution

We live in a time of revolutions.  Political, as in the Arab spring; economic, as the banks and corporations exercise world power; in communications, as social media (Facebook, etc.) become dominant; in science, as quantum physics replaces Newton.
But there is a revolution, less in the headlines, but many times more important than any other: it is a spiritual revolution.  It presents a new understanding of God – where we come from, and what is the basis of our existence.
This lecture presents Mary Baker Eddy as a revolutionary theologian whose understanding of God has reshaped, and is reshaping the world of thought and the practice of healing.