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Fabián Smara, CSB

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El Bolson, Río Negro, Argentina
Phone: +549 294 4577491
Email: smara.csb@gmail.com

I have always had an interest in healing and spirituality. I wanted to relieve others’ suffering, and that led me to explore alternative systems of healing and spiritual teachings.

Shortly after my wife and I married, we settled in a small Andean city in southern Argentina, El Bolsón, far from our native Buenos Aires. It was a precious time of soul searching and inner strengthening; but I still had many unanswered questions and needs to be met.

One day I learned about Christian Science, which its discoverer, Mary Baker Eddy, defined as the "divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love,"* as can be understood in the Bible through the teachings and life of Jesus. It was then that the Master's teachings took on a new dimension for me. I could palpably verify, through healing prayer, the scope of his statement, "...ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (John 8:32).

In her book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy writes: "The body improves under the same regimen which spiritualizes the thought ..." (p. 370). I understood that through proper knowledge of God and His creation it was possible to restore health. With joy, I saw that my two loves ─ spirituality and healing ─ had come together. My whole life experience was enriched.

When I learned that it was possible to take a 12-day class with an authorized teacher of Christian Science, I decided to do so. What I learned was very valuable to me and prepared me to devote full time to helping others through prayer as a Christian Science practitioner.

Within the Christian Science movement, I found the appropriate channel to work with others, to expand the scope of my service to humanity by teaching children and youth, facilitating round tables on the Christian Science practice in several South American countries, writing articles, and participating in radio programs. Also, in 2015, I received training that qualified me to be a teacher of Christian Science, and so be able to help others on their own spiritual journey.

With joy, I look forward to sharing some of the valuable treasures of spiritual ideas that I have found in Christian Science with you all.

*Science and Health, p. 107.

Titles of Available Lectures

Divine Life, a power that transforms and sustains

What is the meaning of life? Don’t we each want to know more about our purpose, and how we can lead better, healthier, more meaningful lives?

There was a point in my life when I wrestled with these questions. I felt overwhelmed by the demands of my job and our growing family. At the same time, I was struggling with sciatic pain, which was not relieved by painkillers or massage therapy. 

For me, these treatments focused on the symptoms of the problem, instead of the underlying issue, and I realized they weren’t going to lead to a solution. I needed to get a better understanding of my life as something beyond pain, struggle, and limitation.

I knew that the Bible says that God is Life. What an amazing thing to consider our lives from this perspective! As I did, I found my perspective changing from a limited, fearful view of my life and prospects to a fearless, joyful, spiritual view. I began to see that since God is Life, God must be the source of my life--including my health, my purpose, and even my provision. This shift in perspective brought about an outward change as well: I was relieved of the pain, my career moved in a new direction, and our family found more financial stability.

Making this shift to seeing God as our Life and sustaining source is something each of us can do, and the effects of this shift are tremendous. I hope you’ll join me to learn more about how Christian Science can open up this new understanding of life, and the healing and freedom that go hand-in-hand with this inspired, spiritual view.