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A member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship

Brian G. Pennix, CSB

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Alamo, California, USA
Phone: (925) 272-8490
Email: pennixcsb@gmail.com

I love all sorts of people, and for me a great joy is helping others appreciate their closeness with God and their right to health and peace as God’s innocent children.

This appreciation started for me as a boy in Christian Science Sunday School. There was a teacher who, both by words and example, taught me to think more clearly about Christian healing. He showed me we each have the God-given capacity to help others with healing, and as early as high school, I found occasions to help friends through Christian prayer. This has remained at the core of my life through its numerous turns.

After college I went into US Army Intelligence where I learned to speak Russian and served in Germany. Then back home in California, I completed law school and practiced law there and also in Massachusetts. This included two terms as General Counsel of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston.

While practicing law, I frequently set aside separate office hours to pray for my community and also for those who asked me for prayerful help with specific problems. Eventually, I traded my law practice for the public practice of Christian Science healing. My happiest vocation is being a Christian Science practitioner and teacher. The most rewarding aspects of the work are the wonderful feeling of learning more about how God is caring for all of us; getting a deeper awareness of that; and seeing it manifested as healing in someone’s life who has asked me to pray with them.

I love family, and my wife and I have a blended group of children and grandchildren whom we thoroughly enjoy. I have always appreciated music of all kinds from classical to rock, and I am a very amateur blues guitarist. I also enjoy a weekly round of golf with good friends.

Titles of Available Lectures

Finding innocence that is power, not vulnerability