What’s going on now

We offer events at 2 p.m. — Tuesday – Saturday — online and over the phone

Here is how you can join by phone or computer for our online events.  

By phone:

  1. Dial (855) 880-1246

  2. When asked enter this meeting ID: 221 970 9670#

  3. When asked to enter your participant ID, press: #

Using Zoom's teleconference software with a computer or smartphone:

  1. Download the free software here.

  2. Set it up by following these directions.

  3. To join an event, open the software and enter the meeting ID: 221 970 9670

  4. You can also click on this link:

We offer a monthly newsletter

The voice of Love

Kindness, friendship and love. Though the world can seem cold and harsh, the warmth that fills hearts is available to bring meaningful connection right here and now. Stop by the Christian Science Reading Room and discover how God, Love, can answer anyone's prayers.

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And we offer a bi-weekly newsletter:


Weekly events

Tuesdays 2:00pm

Christian Science Sentinel Watch
On Tuesdays we play re-broadcasts of the Christian Science Sentinel Watch. Connect or call to enjoy these real-life stories of prayer-based healing found in heartfelt accounts of lives changed. Click here for more information.

Why: Find inspiration by hearing from people who've proven the power of God in their daily life through Christian Science practice.

Wednesdays 2:00pm

Wednesday Testimony Meeting online
Listen to the online Testimony Meeting from The Mother Church. Readings are on a current topic. Passages are chosen from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy.

Why: Christian Science healing happens around the world. Hear testimonies shared from across the globe.

Thursday 2:00pm

Current inspirational audio or article
Meet us online to listen to an audio podcast or article.

Why: Find inspiration from speakers and writers who've proven the power of God in their daily lives through Christian Science practice.

Friday 2:00pm

Weekly Bible Lesson reading
Are you looking for a Bible study group? Join others to read the Christian Science Bible Lesson. Readings are from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy. 

Why: These weekly lessons help make practical the spiritual meaning of the Bible. “The Bible and the Christian Science textbook are our only preachers.” — Mary Baker Eddy


Saturdays 2:00pm

Praying for the world — with The Christian Science Monitor
On Saturdays we hold prayer-based discussions of important, relevant articles from The Christian Science Monitor.

Why: These weekly reading, research, and discussion groups help participants to engage deeply and prayerfully with important world issues.