The Mother Church Reading Room’s Current Prayer Focus

For May and June 2021, the Reading Room's prayer focus is on "Moving forward together". Here are the free articles on display in our window:

Planting seeds of love and reformation by Tony Lobl
October 3, 2019 —The Christian Science Monitor

Making your way forward by Stephanie Johnson 
April 16, 2001— Christian Science Sentinel

Big prayers plug us in to progress 
June 2, 2014 — Christian Science Sentinel

Points of Progress from The Christian Science Monitor

If you’d like to dive deeper into this topic, these resources are available with a subscription to JSH-Online:

Inspiration blooms by Tracy Colerider-Krugh

So much for hopelessness by Walter C. Rodgers

A transformative healing with collateral benefits by Bunny McBride

Welcome to the adventure by Dorothy Cork

It's never too late by Marian English

Prepare Yourself for Progress by Jean Elsie Sanders

Victory over 'that's just the way I am’ by Stephanie Johnson

Stuck? Never! by Rebecca Buhl

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