Podcasts on racial issues

Here's a collection of Daily Lifts with spiritual ideas to support an end to racism. Each Daily Lift can bless you and your community—all in just a few minutes.

Love's side is the only side

Melissa Hayden, CS, from Beaverton, Oregon, USA

The protest against hate is love

Cher Cofrin, CS, from Clam Lake, Wisconsin, USA

Resolving racial conflict

Kathryn Jones Dunton, CS, from Boston, Massachusetts, USA

What can we do to help get rid of racism?

Clementine Lue Clark, from Coppet, Switzerland

No deficit of hope

Kim Crooks Korinek, CSB, from Maplewood, Minnesota, USA

Experiencing less of the evil that is racism

Adlai Carstarphen, from Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Our part in responding to injustice

Trudy Palmer, from St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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