Pandemic podcasts

Each Lift shares a healing idea that can bless you and help you bless others —all in just a few minutes. Here's a collection of Lifts in response to the pandemic.


A timeless article written in 1883 by Mary Baker Eddy, Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science


Deborah Huebsch, CSB, from San Juan Capistrano, California, USA

Affirming our true identity

Louis Benjamin, CSB, from Hillcrest, South Africa

We were down to $40

Holly Bolon, from Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Investing wisely

Catherine de Jocas, from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Our safest place

Curtis Wahlberg, CSB, from Los Angeles, California, USA

Blunt prayers work

Madelon Maupin, from Newport Beach, California, USA

No time to waste

Laura Lapointe, CS, from San Diego, CA, USA

What do you think about when you think about love?

Sukie Berberich, from Palmer, Alaska, USA

Inspired prayer at the grocery store

Kim Crooks Korinek, CSB, from Maplewood, Minnesota, USA

The patience I learned from my dog

Lindsey Roder, from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, USA

Walking through fear

Deborah Huebsch, CSB, from San Juan Capistrano, California, USA

We have everything we need

Nate Frederick, CS, from Boothbay, Maine, USA

Leading the way

Nina deCordova, from St. Helena Island, South Carolina, USA

Lonely? You have a friend in God

Dilshad Khambatta Eames, CS, from Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The most profound statistic of all

Susan Booth Mack Snipes, CSB, from Orland, Maine, USA

Healing—faster than the speed of light

Rosalie Dunbar, from Dracut, Massachusetts, USA

Get thee behind me, Stan. . .

Trudy Palmer, from St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Staying home, but reaching out

Sharon Vincz Andrews, from Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Care for caregivers (encore)

Heidi Kleinsmith Salter, CS, from Petoskey, Michigan, USA

The most important number

Joel Magnes, CS, from Vancouver, Washington, USA

Invisible goodness—all around us

Jennifer Foster, from Ocala, Florida, USA

Quarantined...or qualified?

John Cochran, CS, from Princeton, New Jersey, USA

God is your employer and supplier

Annette Dutenhoffer, CSB, from Longmont, Colorado, USA

Home—as a "mighty fortress"

Mimi Oka, CSB, from New York, New York, USA

Homebound—or boundless Love?

Madeline Cassidy, from West Islip, New York, USA

From Italy, with Love!

Wendy Steele Giannini, from Talla, Arezzo, Italy

A spiritual “quarantine”

Eleanor Bigbie, from Hideaway, Texas, USA

God is not on pause

David Hohle, CSB, from Chicago, Illinois, USA

The unselfed love of nursing care

Bonnie Castroman, a Christian Science nurse, from Quincy, Massachusetts, USA

Calm and hopeful—even in isolation

Gay Bryant-Flatt, CS, from Maidenhead, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Don’t come “down” with something—come up!

Ann Carter, from Milford, Connecticut, USA

Dialing down our digital distractions

Tony Lobl, CS, from London, England

Opt out

Margaret Rogers, CSB, from Oakland, California, USA

God's generosity calms financial fears

Amy Richmond, CS, from Boston, Massachusetts, USA

“The breath of the Almighty”

Steve Deupree, from Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Imparters, not carriers

Blythe Evans, CS, from Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Comfort and harmony during self-quarantine

Susan Booth Mack Snipes, CSB, from Orland, Maine, USA

God really is omnipotent

Judith Hardy Olson, CSB, from Westport, Connecticut, USA

What we get from true faith

Fujiko Takai Signs, CSB, from Tokyo, Japan

Consent controls contagion

Norm Bleichman, CS, from Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Gathering spiritually, calming pandemic fears

Chet Manchester, CSB, from King Ferry, New York, USA

In one affection

Keith Wommack, CSB, currently serves on the Christian Science Board of Directors


A timeless article written by Mary Baker Eddy in 1883.

Stopping contagious fear and disease

Chet Manchester, CSB, from King Ferry, New York, USA

Tender mercies for global travelers

Rosalie Dunbar from Dracut, Massachusetts, USA

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