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Reading Room Communications

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May 16. 2018 eBulletin
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In the most recent issue:

  • Inspiration about Reading Rooms
  • Your feedback requested
  • Annual warehouse inventory 
  • Unlimited access to is now a benefit of a Monitor Daily subscription
  • Spanish Bible Update
  • Updated: Reading Room newsletter distribution channel
  • 2018 Annual Meeting Events
  • New: Reading Room Webinar
  • From the Mary Baker Eddy Library
  • New: Portuguese translation of Retrospection and Introspection
  • New version of Concord available in beta
  • Display Resources
  • Discover the Inspired Word brochure now available in Spanish
  • Duplicate pages for Musician's Hymnal
  • 2017 Bound Volumes
  • Quick Links 
  • Customer Service

Past issues

April 15, 2018 eBulletin
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March 15, 2018 eBulletin
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February 15, 2018 eBulletin
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January 15, 2018 eBulletin
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November 15, 2017 eBulletin
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