Explore spiritual resources related to the healing mission of church through Reading Room activities.

Mary Baker Eddy provided for Reading Rooms as a part of the full activity of her Church. She set clear guidelines for Christian Science Reading Rooms in the Manual of The Mother Church. You’re invited to revisit them as you and your branch church prayerfully consider the activities of your Reading Room in your local community.

Establishment. SECTION 1.

Each church of the Christian Science denomination shall have a Reading Room, though two or more churches may unite in having Reading Rooms, provided these rooms are well located.

Librarian. SECT. 2.

The individuals who take charge of the Reading Rooms of The Mother Church shall be elected by the Christian Science Board of Directors, subject to the approval of Mary Baker Eddy. He or she shall have no bad habits, shall have had experience in the Field, shall be well educated, and a devout Christian Scientist.¹

¹See also Article XXV, Sect. 7.

Literature. SECT. 3.

The literature sold or exhibited in the Reading Rooms of Christian Science Churches shall consist only of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, and other writings by this author; also the literature published or sold by The Christian Science Publishing Society.

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