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Tony Lobl, CS

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Surbiton, Surrey, England, UK
Phone: +44 (0)7765 255 094
Email: tony.lobl@gmail.com
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Higher education can be a life-changing experience for many. It was for me. I loved the adventure of my student days. Yet as my University experience drew to a close an entirely new and unsought adventure came my way when I was introduced to Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. This was “higher education” of another kind — a deep dive into the “the things of Spirit” and their practical applicability to every facet of life. The book also led me to read and love the Bible.
Led by an intuition not to pursue a conventional career, I wove voluntary work and various freelance roles into periods of time spent quietly studying the “textbooks of Christian Science” (Science and Health and the Bible). I quickly saw the potential of this completely spiritual system of healing when I was healed of recurring sinusitis without drugs and freed from a gambling addiction without counseling or peer group support. My passion became to share this powerful “divine Science” I benefited from with anyone seeking solutions to unmet needs.
From 1987 until today I feel I've been privileged to do just that through having hundreds of articles and numerous broadcasts circulated by The Christian Science Publishing Society and, since 2005, in my healing work as a Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner.
More recently, in my role as District Manager of the Christian Science Committees on Publication in the UK and the Irish Republic, I've had dozens of pieces on spirituality and health published online by the Huffington Post UK, the Independent, the Guardian, the Washington Post and others, as well as appearing on regional and specialist radio shows.
While I feel right at home in the age of social media, I welcome the opportunity lecturing will provide — in person and online — to flesh out the kind of ideas I love to share through my writing.
I've previously given talks to academics researching the value of spirituality as well as those studying new religions and I've addressed doctors taking an MSc course in health policy management. These are some examples of the kind of “special audience” to have in mind if you are thinking of being in touch about lecturing possibilities. If in doubt, don’t hesitate to be in touch. I will welcome your inquiry.
(You can read my blogs here or follow me on Facebook and Twitter.)

Titles of Available Lectures

Prayer that transforms us

(Also available as a webinar lecture)

This lecture is about prayer -- prayer that is so much more than repeating words or being in a certain building or going through certain motions -- prayer that breaks us out of “boxed-in” thinking.

Transformative prayer is the kind of prayer that lifts thoughts above the mundane sense of our seemingly material existence to what the Discoverer of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, describes as “a higher and holier consciousness” (Science and Health, p. 419).  

This prayer starts by getting to know God, Love itself, always loving.  It’s not a blind faith, but a reasonable and logical faith in God’s existence now.  It wakens us to the fact that we are Love’s precious creation.  Then we see that troublesome issues are not as unavoidable as we believed, and we feel the divine restoration of health.

Mary Baker Eddy’s Legacy: 150 Years of Practical Spirituality

(Also available as a webinar lecture)