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Michelle Boccanfuso Nanouche, CSB

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Paris, France
Phone: +33 9 70 40 88 83
Email: mnanouchecsb@aol.com
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Spirituality and the practice of prayer isn’t a lifestyle choice. It is basic to who I am. My family was introduced to Christian Science through my dad’s healing of acute depression. So, I was exposed to the idea that God heals sickness from an early age. At twelve, I prayed to God to heal my foot after impaling it on a rusty nail. Within moments of starting to pray, the pain stopped and the healing began. The wound was healed by the evening and I never had any ill effects — no problems with tetanus, infection or scarring. What had been a glowing ember of interest in all things relating to God was fanned to a full flame by this healing. Before I was out of high school I started training to be a Christian Science nurse.

Ten years of Christian Science nursing provided me with loads of experience in healing through spiritual means. By the time I opened my first public office as a Christian Science practitioner in 1989, I had witnessed a great number of healings through prayer. From personal experience, I can share accounts of healings of broken bones, tumors, pneumonia, eating disorders, heart disease, mental and emotional disorders, financial difficulties and more. I have observed in the practice of Christian Science that, no matter what is the condition or problem du jour, the simple example and teachings of Christ Jesus lead to the spiritual views of God and man that produce healing. Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures unlocks the treasure trove of the Bible that leads to a better understanding of God.

Titles of Available Lectures

Christian Science: What it is and how it heals

(UK title: Christian Science: What it is and how it works)

In-person Format: Through honest talk about the questions skeptics ask, this one hour lecture tackles the essentials of Christian Science – its theology, its Christianity and its role in healing – giving an insider’s look at Christian Science treatment through prayer for physical cure. For those who have resisted a serious consideration of Christian Science, this lecture gives a clear, logical and compelling response to the following questions:

  • How is Christian Science considered scientific in nature when it excludes matter and material methods in its approach to healing?
  • Isn’t Christian Science prayer treatment an out-dated method in the light of modern medical advancements?
  • Isn't healing a question of purely physical factors based on a patient's biology and genetic make-up, then applying drugs and surgery to correct it?
  • Is Christian Science healing synonymous with positive thinking or faith-healing?
This lecture also presents the life of Mary Baker Eddy and her path of discovery, bringing out events in her early medical practice and some of her first healings through prayer that paved her way to finding the eternal laws of Christ healing practiced by Bible patriarchs, prophets, Christ Jesus, early Christians and many today. 

Webinar Format:  In a less formal face-to-face online discussion, the above material is condensed to cover 5 questions - What is Christian Science? Where did it come from? Is it scientific? How does Christian Science treatment work? Is Christian Science healing synonymous with positive thinking or blind faith-healing? After a 40 minute live webcast presentation, the discussion is open for questions and answers with web-audience participation. 

The webinar is managed remotely by the lecturer and her team. The sponsor doesn't have to have special technical expertise to sponsor such events, but will receive a web link to publicize which will serve as the online location for the lecture. 


Finding God, finding health

(UK Title: Finding God)

This one-hour lecture introduces Christian Science to general audiences.  It explains the living God as active, present and accessible.  No one is, or can be, cut off from or left out of the divine presence.  The unique revelation of God’s full nature, as explained by Christian Science, unlocks the potential in us to not just survive, but to thrive.

This lecture presents facts of the life of Mary Baker Eddy that bring out her role as a Christian healer from her youth, up to, and after her discovery of the explanation in Christian Science of how such healing happens.  It responds to common questions about Christian Science and its practice:

  • How does an understanding of God result in healing?
  • Does one have to be a "believer" to be healed through prayer?
  • Why would one chose prayer as a viable form of health care?
  • Is a system of healing prayer researched and developed in the late 1800s relevant today?
  • Where do Jesus and Christianity fit into the discussion of finding God and finding health?
  • Is there a moral element to effective spiritual healing through prayer?

Angry no more

(For special circumstances - high profile violence/sexual abuse cases. Also available for prisons/detention centers)

From hurt to health through forgiveness. This one-hour lecture introduces Christian Science and healing through prayer for emotional, mental and physical issues stemming from unhealed anger.  For those who have felt victimized by their circumstances, trailed by a sad past, or who are marked by abuse, this lecture offers insights that neutralize perpetual reaction to pain and anger.  The spiritual reasoning through prayer, taught in Christian Science unlocks ones potential for peace, forgiveness, restoration and progress.

This lecture presents the life of Mary Baker Eddy, illustrating the Biblical roots of her discovery of Christian Science and the Christian response to anger, injustice, and betrayal.  It addresses common questions about Christian Science and shows how to eliminate anger: 

  • How does Christian Science deal with sin?
  • Is there any act so heinous that one cannot forgive?
  • Is Christian Science teaching on anger, sin and forgiveness Bible-based?
  • Is Christian Science Christian?
  • Are Old Testament scriptures helpful in practicing mercy and forgiveness?
  • Is Christian Science treatment effective in healing emotional, mental and behavioral difficulties stemming from abuse?