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A member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship

Mary Alice Rose, CSB

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Brookeville, Maryland, USA
Phone: (301) 570-0227
Email: marosecsb@gmail.com
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Mary Alice tells people that the answer to the question of how she started studying Christian Science is not that interesting: she grew up in it. The more interesting question is why she stays with it, and she loves exploring the answer to that compelling question with others.

Mary Alice’s interest in science and technology led to a 20-year career in different areas of applied physical science. Through those years, her love for God permeated every aspect of her daily work. Whether supporting research by tornado chasers as a meteorologist at the National Severe Storms Laboratory in Oklahoma, making live broadcasts during severe weather outbreaks on NOAA Weather Radio, troubleshooting operational software at sea as an engineer and researcher in underwater acoustics, or co-managing a division of 140 engineers and scientists in development of the ground system for the Hubble Space Telescope, prayer was her constant guiding and motivating force.

As interesting as her career was, Mary Alice found that she wanted more time to focus on her most rewarding scientific endeavor: exploring her relationship with God. So, in 2002, Mary Alice made the transition from manager, engineer, and earth scientist to the full-time ministry as a Christian Science practitioner, where divine guidance continues to be her mainstay as she helps people every day in praying about such challenges as careers, finances, health, and relationships. She is also an authorized teacher of this Science and has had a number of articles published in the Christian Science periodicals.

Mary Alice was engaged in the work of the Christian Science Committee on Publication for four years, working with media outlets and government officials at the local and national levels to ensure that the public had accurate information about Christian Science and its adherents. She has given talks on Christian Science to interfaith groups and college comparative religion classes for twenty years, and, since 2010, she has been speaking to a broader range of audiences as an international speaker on the Christian Science Board of Lectureship.

Mary Alice and her husband live in Brookeville, Maryland.


Listen to a talk Mary Alice gave at the 2014 Environmental Summit.

Titles of Available Lectures

Practicing Christian healing today

Society is questioning the role of religion today. Specifically, some have wondered publicly why anyone would want to be a Christian. This lecture was written to address these questions. The lecture speaks to the relevance of Christ Jesus' statement, "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also…." (John 14:12) It presents Mary Baker Eddy's discovery of what Jesus meant by that statement and how the spiritual sense of the Bible enables us to witness healing today as Jesus and his disciples did. It discusses the practicality of prayer and gives examples which illustrate the healing power of God.

The Science of Christianity

This lecture explores Christian Science from the perspective of someone with a background in physical science. It discusses the discovery of Christian Science as being rooted in the scientific method and emphasizes reliance on spiritual law. It draws parallels and distinctions between how physical scientists approach the subjects they study and how individuals approach the study of Christian Science. The lecture highlights "God is Love" as divine law and includes several testimonies which illustrate the practicality of that law.