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Kari Mashos, CSB

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Cape Neddick, Maine, USA
Phone: (207) 361-1530
Email: mashoscsb@gmail.com
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Kari Mashos is available to speak in English, Greek, French, German, or Italian and lives in Athens, Greece, from January through March each year. Her mobile phone number in Greece is +30 694 86 34 192. One may always reach her via her email address posted above and via her U.S. phone number.

Cape Neddick, Maine, and Athens, Greece — A Christian Science lecture is made up of many elements—but it certainly begins with our love for God and our neighbor.  It is love that inspires us to give our communities the opportunity to hear the truth about Christian Science and of its Discoverer and Founder, Mary Baker Eddy. As Christian Scientists, we know the blessing Christian Science continues to bring to our lives—healing sin and sickness—and it is a natural and Christian desire that impels us to help our neighbors understand and feel that same blessing.

With the many concepts circulating on the subject of God, Christ Jesus, Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, and the Bible, our lectures have become even more important today.  A Christian Science lecture can, and must, take on these subjects in a deep and helpful way.

Foremost then, a lecture must include “a true and just reply to public topics condemning Christian Science, and to bear testimony to the facts pertaining to the life of the Pastor Emeritus” Mary Baker Eddy. (See Church Manual, Article XXXI, SECT. 2.) In this way our neighbors are able to decide for themselves if the Comforter has indeed come.

In my professional opera career, the power of prayer, based on the teachings of Christian Science, was a constant source of strength to me in all situations—including singing to crowds of 17,000 and performing under a bomb threat. One night, as I stood on the stage at Symphony Hall in Boston, singing to a large crowd, I thought to myself, “I’d really rather be sharing spiritual truths with this audience.” My desire to share the healing power of Christian Science led me naturally to devote my full time to healing as a Christian Science practitioner, and later to become a teacher of Christian Science as well.

I was also a Regional Manager for the Media Division of the Committee on Publication at The Mother Church helping to bring correct information about Christian Science to the public. I have appeared on radio programs in this country, in the UK, and Australia, and was interviewed for the Oklahoma public television documentary, “Chords of Memory” to talk about the healing power of Christian Science. I am a frequent contributor to Christian Science periodicals including The Christian Science Monitor.

Kari Mashos is a gifted presenter of Christian Science concepts. She is particularly good at using stories to make her points. Also, Kari did not shy away from the tough questions the students sent her way. The real tribute to Kari is that the students stayed fully engaged throughout her presentation and were still asking a myriad of questions even when she had to go. It is rare that students so fully appreciate a presenter as they did Kari.

–Dr. Paul Benson, professor, Mountain View College, TX

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Titles of Available Lectures

Spiritual Christianity that restores health

This lecture helps the audience understand the spiritual Christianity that Mary Baker Eddy discovered. Through the explanations of three healings the audience is shown the practicality of Mrs. Eddy’s statement in her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, “The Bible teaches transformation of the body by the renewal of Spirit.” 

Counteracting terrorism—the global reach of prayer

Certainly another topic so needed for our world to address is terrorism and violence. My own experiences in the USA and the Middle East when confronted first hand with terrorism provide a way for me to share how the practice of Christian Science can help the world understand and utilize the healing power of the First Commandment as well as the equally important one to “love your neighbor as yourself."